Friday, March 28, 2014

Noble Curiosities

Some interesting people and situations regarding the nobility.

1. Wife who quarrels constantly with her husband's mistress. She plays pranks to humiliate them publicly including having them followed by dung throwing urchins and on one memorable occasion, arranging it so that all he clothes fell to pieces at a major ball.

2. Elven bastard daughter of the King, is exiled in the city, plans to escape and overthrow her 'evil' father.

3. The scheming landed nobles that own the counties surrounding the blonks portal are constantly competing for control of the major thoroughfare between the river and the portal. They build new roads through their territory, raid each others roads and pay seemingly numberless urchins to misdirect traders onto their lords road. 

When arriving at the landing point, 3 roads lead off in similar directions, all signposted the same. Travellers are approached by many urchins begging coin for directions. Any who refuse help should expect barricades, detours in the wrong direction, armed escorts onto the 'correct' road etc. Of course, once past the tolling booth for the appropriate county they will be able to continue unmolested. 

4. Unguent Crell has given a vast sum of money to a charitable organisation, only  to find out it was a front for a group of smugglers and money launderers. He has started campaigning against the group, even going so far as to pay people to disrupt their activities.

5. Batard de Jucee has ordered his personal guard to surround and escort his daughter Yeriel around at all times. They are becoming quite a nuisance around the city by blocking alleys. Yeriel is looking more and more depressed every day, but no one can get close enough to her to find out what's wrong.

6. Servants of Sterwyn Lanhaller keep turning up dead. Lord Lanhaller publicly offered a reward to find the culprit, only to find out that it is his lover Alonquin who is killing to cover up their affair.

7. The orcan seaclans are holding their vicennial moot in the city. Naked orcs (few orcs wear clothing on the seas, but all city orcs have taken up the custom of wearing clothing) are swarming all over the city. The nobility are scandalised.

8. A number of shopkeepers  have noticed strange new coins issuing from the servants of several unconnected noble houses. The coins bear an almost porcine portrait of a woman on one side, and what looks to be an octopus on the other. Once these coins are distributed evenly amongst the population of the city, they will activate and suck the light into them.
9. Several young scions of rival houses were recently caught meeting in secret and and plotting against their families. As a punishment, the four young women and two young men have been chained together for a month. Hilarity ensues whenever they are spotted around the city.
10. In order to show their piety and to stay connected to the people, many guildleaders and nobles attend the home hearths. They spend vast sums on the patronage of artists, sculptors and architects to improve the home hearths to glorify the goddess (and of course, themselves). Two families in particular strive to outdo each other, building larger and larger temples to glorify Anwyn.

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